Welcome to Stolz Productions!

Welcome to the Stolz Productions website!  We are a production company specializing in scenic design, illusions and magical effects for the stage.  Whether you are a theatre production looking for scenic and effects design or a magician looking for something new, we can help you to make your theatical dreams become a reality.

Magic Consulting

Magic consulting for film, television and the stage.  We create stunning new illusion designs, provide historical magic consulting, teach actors sleight of hand and much more.  Sometimes it’s a single large production effect and sometimes it’s a series of effects, such as the 23 visual effects that we created for Mary Poppins.  Regardless of the size or volume, we can take care of all of your magical needs.

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Theatrical Design

Scenic design, theatre effects, lighting and sound design, you name it.  Because of our magic experience, our scenic designs often include effects built right into the set itself whether that effect is seen by the audience or not.  For example, we have used magical principles to hide on set lighting, secret entrances or make set pieces look bigger, or smaller, than they really are.  Our work is creative, practical and story-driven each and every time.

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